Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Very Umbridge

On Monday night we had an FHE lesson on safety. Ian is starting cub scouts and needed to go through the child abuse pamphlet that was included with his new Wolf handbook so we went through it for FHE and went over the rules of our house. One of the things that was emphasized was the fact that they always tell me where they going and if there is a change in their plans then they need to let me know what the changes are.  They kids knew all the answers and were able to go through the different scenarios giving all the correct responses. I thought they had this down.

Tuesday afternoon some of our kids friends showed up at the door on their bikes. They often ride over to our house and hang out for an hour or so after school. They are always welcome to come but sometimes the fun of having friend over makes my kids forget the rules. When it was time for the others to head back home all the kids went out to what I thought was just saying goodbye. Next thing I knew all was quiet in my driveway and no kids were in sight. Luckily Molly was snoozing soundly on the big blue chair. But my older three were nowhere.

They were only gone for 15 min. They had only gone and rode their bikes with their friends for a few extra minutes in the cul-de-sac. My kids often go are ride there on their own. But they know they have to let me know they are going there. When they came home and came inside I sat them down to discuss this infraction. I knew they needed a punishment to make sure they knew they had the rule ingrained into their memories.  At first I thought to just take away privileges like screen time or computer/wii time. But that wouldn't happen until the future so instead I gave them the only thing I could think of that would be immediate and "painful" enough to make a point.

I gave them lines.

"I will not leave the house without telling mama".

100 x for Sophie
75 x for Ian
50 x for Henry

Oh my goodness was there weeping, wailing and all sorts of begging.

It took them a long time to complete this task. A full three hours for the boys and Sophie actually finished hers in about two. I did give them a short break for dinner. I don't withhold food. My kids get too crazy when they are hungry.  It was amazing how much less crying and whimpering went on once they all had their stomachs full.

There was still a lot of begging to only have to do ____ instead of the number I gave them. But I didn't budge. I made them each meet the number I told them.  I was so mean and I felt like Pro. Umbridge from the Harry Potter books. At least they didn't have the sentence etched into the skin of the back their hands. They were writing in pencil and not their own blood.  I just hope the rule is now something they will remember.

I don't know if this break in the rules would have hit me so hard if we had not just had the discussion the night before.

They were all smiles once they each reached their number. They actually felt like they accomplished something.  I hope we don't have to repeat this punishment again. I just hoped it worked and they will not have this problem again in the future.


Desiree said...

Hope that's a lesson well learned! I'll have to remember that next time. That's good reinforcement for what they just learned too.

Cellista said...

Good for you for not budging on the number! I think they'll remember this lesson.

And thank goodness you didn't have Umbridge's pen!