Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All in One

Ian's birthday was a very busy day! It started off with streamers and balloons as usual. He decided to have Toad in the Hole and of course was given one of his gifts for breakfast.

I then spent the rest of the morning cutting veggies and making cake for later in the day. He spent some time working on his new Lego Technic set. He LOVED it and I was reminded why the tradition got started to open on gift at breakfast. It keeps the super excited child busy for a little while while he waits for the party to really get started.
 Cousins arrived at about lunch time and after some food and a bike ride everyone returned to our little house for cake and Ice Cream an of course presents.
 I don't think Ian could have been happier with the gifts he received. Tintin Wii game, another lego set, Mario Knex car, a fort building set and his very own set of scriptures.  Until my kids turn 8 they use an old set of scriptures from my youth. Ian was very thrilled to get his own set with his name on them as well as a set to scripture stickers to put in. Everyone knows this boy well because he couldn't have been happier with all this gifts.

 Since this is the birthday that Ian turned 8 so after all the cake and presents we put on our dresses and headed to the church for Ian's baptism.
 Ian of course insisted on wearing his cub scout belt and hat along with his ever present bag to his baptism. The hat did end up staying in the car thank goodness.
 I can't say we took many pictures at the baptism itself. It went really quickly and I felt pretty busy the whole time so this is the best picture of my beaming boy that was taken at the event.

I am so proud and happy for my little guy. He is such a wonderful boy and tries so hard to do what is right. He also is just so enthusiastic about life.

Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your baptism.

p.s. I don't want to do both a birthday and baptism on one day again. It was convenient but made for a rather stressful, hectic day! Good thing I have a year and some before we having to think about planning another baptism.  Everything went lovely but I felt like we rushed from one thing to next and didn't get to really enjoy or savor the experience of either the party or the baptism.

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Cellista said...

Congratulations on your baptism, Ian!!!

And good job Mom for pulling it all off. I don't think I'd want to do a party and a baptism on the same day either! He sure looks happy though.