Friday, November 11, 2011

No Posts?

 It has been over a week since I last posted. I guess I don't have much to say... or it could be this little two year old who never seems to give me a moments peace.

With the time change she has been getting up early and for some reason I find it hard to type with a squirmy little girl who wants to hit the buttons all the time.

She also seems to follow me around all day long so there isn't even a few moments here and there throughout the day where I get to be free of this cute little bundle.  She is my little shadow.  I head to the bathroom sometimes just so I can shut the door for a few minutes but she usually stands right outside, often banging on it.
 And since she loves to see pictures of herself I figured I better post of new shots of this little one. She loves to pose for the camera!

Perhaps some day I will get back to writing something. For now this will have to do because the little person on my lap rules my free time at the moment. And I am having a hard time thinking, typing and keeping her fingers off the keyboard.

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Bibliophile said...

What a delightful girl that Molly is! I am at Karen's house and I have to say that her daughter is much like Molly. I can't get anything done because she demands my attention all the time, whether to read a book, cut an apple into slices for her, or change her diapers. I have forgotten how demanding it is to be a mother of anyone under the age of five.