Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 My boys were very excited this morning.  After breakfast and before we started school they went outside and discovered that we had a bit of fog.  They then decided it was a great time to play outside.   Since I had yet to take a shower I told them they had to stay in the driveway. This didn't damper their enthusiasm.  They thought it was great that they could see their breath.  And Ian and Sophie even broke out their gloves as they whirled around.
 We really are spoiled here in California.  Our winters are so mild. We don't ever get snow and light jackets, actual shoes (not crocs or flip flops) and long sleeve shirts are about the extent of our winter gear.  So my kids get really excited when they see a change in the weather. Even though I knew the fog would burn off quickly and that the jackets would be put back into the closet and not needed the rest of the day it was fun to get outside while it was cold.

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