Saturday, November 19, 2011

Every Four Years

We happen to live near an Egyptian Museum. It claims to have the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the Western United States. My kids have been so excited all week because we were finally going to take them to see the mummies.

Here are the kids outside the doors. This is a avenue of goat headed sphinx's but somehow that part didn't end up in the picture. Oh well....
We weren't supposed to use flash inside the museum so our inside photos are rather dark. But I did my best to brighten them up a bit.  Here we all are in front of a replica of King Tuts Mummy case.

Sophie was really interested in this baboon mummy. Molly just called it "Monkey Mummy".
Here are the kids inside the mock tomb.  We spent a good amount of time in here looking at all the wall art. The kids were able to name just about all the gods depicted on the walls and tell the story of the weighing of the heart ceremony which is seen behind them.

At every statue we came across the kids would all pose and say take our picture with ______.  The above statue is Khufu. The one below is Amenhotep  III.
And here is Ahkenaten.
Nearby there was a cast figure of Nefertiti's head as well. But all eyes were on the statues.

The kids also sat in on a class where they learned to play the Egyptian game of Senet. They are going to one day teach me how to play since I spent that 30 min climbing up and down stairs with Molly.

Henry, this evening, told me he was "all egypted out". I guess that is the sign that we have worn out that topic and it is time to move on.

The museum was a great way to finish off our studies. We last went 4 years ago when we studied Egypt the first time with Story of the World and I am sure we will make our way here again in 4 years when we revisit the ancients in the next go round of history.

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Bibliophile said...

We went to visit this same museum, I think, some years ago. I recognize the paintings in the simulated tomb area. Julie became a nuisance and a man who worked there asked that she be taken out. That's my recollection of the day, unfortunately. It was a good place to see so many Egyptian artifacts. Good trip!