Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Reading

We attended the last of the Library's Summer Reading club activities yesterday. I can not believe the Summer is already winding down. That seemed to fly by.

 In June my kids each had to post a goal of how many books they would read during the summer. If they reach their goal then at the end of the summer they get to pick a book as a prize. Sophie usually gives herself a huge number as a goal but I convinced her to only put 25 books as her goal this year. Ian decided to put 15 and Henry set his goal at 10. I told them these were books they had to actually read themselves. We wouldn't count all the books I read to them or the ones we listen to.

Sophie has read a few new series of books which helped her reach her goal. Of course she read all 5 of the Fablehaven books. But she has recently discovered the Warriors series. They are about cats which of course is a big draw for my cat loving girl. She flies through the books rather quickly. Ian has started the first one but is distracted by picture books and such that are a bit easier for him.

The Dinotopia books were a big hit for a long time. I finally convinced my kids to return them to the library yesterday. They had finally got their fill but they floated around here for over a month and the kids loved them. Sophie drew all sorts of dinosaurs in her sketch books and now knows all the names of all the dinosaurs in the books.  She is quickly convincing me to let her read all the Harry Potter books. She read the entire Half Blood Prince in one day. She stayed up late reading and then hid away in her room all morning to finish it. I guess with only one book left in the series I might as well let her finish. So much for making my kids wait until they are older to read these books. I am still going to hold back on watching the movies however.

Ian's list of books includes a lot of Berenstain Bears, Magic Tree house books as well as a few other random books and then I relented and let him put on the 3 Fablehaven books and the 2 Narnia books we listened to recently.

Henry only needed 10 books and his list has things like Danny and the Dinosaur, Small Pig and a few easy reading Berenstain bears along with a few that I read aloud to him. He still isn't a strong reader and prefers me to read to him. But I do insist on him reading aloud to me at least a little each day.

I don't usually keep track of the books my kids read and I can't say I was very diligent about keeping track even when we were supposed to for this reading club.  I have never been a very good record keeper. That is why it is good I at least sometimes talk about some of the books we read here on this blog. That way I can look back and see what we have been reading.

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