Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leaving the Doctors office in tears.

Today we had the 6 week visit with the surgeon who did Sophie's surgery. She had x-rays taken and everything is going great! He said there is all sorts of bone tissue up there and the bone is fusing and that her canine tooth is actually moving into place and may come through soon. Sophie has had such a large gap in her mouth on that side for years it seems. There is the hole for the tooth that she will never have because it is where the cleft actually is. The baby canine next to that hole fell out a few years ago but without bone for it to really grow into it never came through but thankfully it just was there just waiting and he said it was moving into the right position. So that is really good news. The surgery seems to be doing what it was meant to do. Sophie shouldn't need any more surgery until she is ready for her nose to be redone but that isn't done until she has finished growing. So of that we are all very happy.

After talking with the doctor for a little while we left. Sophie left with tears in her eyes. When I asked her why she was upset she explained that she was sad about still noting getting to EAT FOOD. The doctor said we should continue with the soft food diet for at least another month. We have been gravitating toward a more soft food rather than liquid diet the last week or two. Sophie eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, very tiny pieces of cut up meat, as well as a variety of other things I let her pop bite size pieces into her mouth and push to the back so that she only grinds it up with her back teeth. The tears were a result of her thinking he was saying she couldn't go out and get a burger. She is very tired of being limited in what she can eat. I asked her what food she was wanting and we would see what we could do. She couldn't really tell me anything. She eats pizza and all the fruits and even hot dogs at Costco. I just cut everything up in tiny bites like I did when she was a baby and just learning to eat solids. I don't blame her, it isn't a very ideal way of eating. But we are going to keep at the soft food diet for awhile.

I didn't leave the office in tears but if I had had tears it would have been tears of embarrassment or weariness or maybe tears of frustration. The doctor was very paitient with us but it is always a challenge when I have to take all the kids with me to the doctor's office. There is just something about the little dentist type chair in the room with all the buttons that control it's angle and height. The movable lights on the wall just scream out to be positioned over and over again as well as flipped on and off. The sink in the room calls out to Molly to wash her hand every two seconds. The drawers of tools and bandages and such have to opened and explored. I would have one sitting only to have the others up and getting into something. I think because Molly is two and into everything the boys seem to follow her lead and act like two year olds as well. They seem to forget how to behave when confined in the tiny rooms as a wait for doctors. As I walked out to the car I told the boys their behavior just cost them their Wii time on Saturday. So the tears leaving the doctor's office weren't mine but my boys who were hopefully regretting their behavior since it cost them the hour with Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker.

I need to go make some pesto pasta with brocolli which is still Sophie's favorite meal that I make which she can eat. Now she doesn't even have to have ground up in the blender.


The pictures are from a swimming party we went to this past week. Molly was unstoppable. She went down the slide and jumped off the board. Thank goodness for the float she was wearing. She has no fear of swimming and going under the water. She just needs to learn how to swim. Everyone had a great time!

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