Friday, July 30, 2010

Sophie's first book Report

I am like Lanie because I like to be outside. In the American Girl Lanie book by ? Lanie learns that she can have fun in her own backyard and doesn’t need to travel to other places to enjoy nature.

Lanie is the only person in her house who likes to be outside until outdoorsy aunt Hannah comes. She helps plan a wildflower and vegetable garden with Lanie but has to leave before the garden is done. Lanie has to do the work herself so she talks her younger sister, who is scared of bugs and dirt, into helping her. The whole family especially loves the squirrel feeder.

While Aunt Hannah was still there she helped Lanie identify bird calls. Lanie was able to recognize the Carolina Wren and the chickadees that she sees in her yard. Lanie takes her sister to a cemetery to see lots of birds, including the scarlet tanger. Lanie and her sister even watch a Carolina Wren build a nest in an old boot that was in their yard.

In Lanie’s sister’s class there is a glass terrarium with caterpillars that Lanie gets to help feed. She watches as they turn into butterflies. Lanie learns a lot about butterflies from this experience. In her garden at home she plants some milkweed cuttings because monarch butterflies like to lay their eggs on it. Lanie is very excited when she sees a butterfly in her neighborhood.

From reading about Lanie, I learned that I can have fun in my own backyard. I can learn to identify the birds in my neighborhood. I can plan a garden and enjoy being outside. I really liked this book and I think other girls will too.

We have been working through a Weekly Reader Book Report Guide this month. Sophie picked the book she wanted to read and report on. She has gone through each section of the guide and completed all the assignments. This is the book report she wrote as she finished the guide. I think she did a good job.

I admit that I really had to push her to do this assignment. I gave her a due date and she had to complete the assignment on time. She got so frustrated when she had to actually write the rough draft. She had a hard time going from the seemingly easy note taking steps to the actual writing. I can't say the guide did a great job teaching the actual switch from just taking notes to writing a report.  But it was a good jumping off point for her to work with.

I think we will do another book report soon so we can give this another try. It was a good exercise for my non motivated writer. As a reward for doing this report she earned the 2nd Lanie book which should arrive on Monday. Maybe that will be our next book to report on.

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Bibliophile said...

Great report, Sophie! You did a good job on your first book report. It made me want to read the book, too. Keep going on these reports and you will pay more attention to what's going on in the story. Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures.