Monday, July 26, 2010

Doing some Yoga

I go to the YMCA almost every morning. I love my hour of cardio and weights. There are days I am not able to go but still want to exercise or at least do something physical.  So I turn on a Yoga DVD that I have had for years. At first my kids just thought it was fun to watch me move from pose to pose. They soon started to join me down on the floor. They started to use all the names for the different poses.
They love to point out when they see Molly doing a yoga pose. "Look Molly is doing downward dog". I need to get a picture of them doing their poses but I am usually doing it with them. Some day I will catch them in the act.

At the library while looking for something else I came across a few fun books and I brought them home and just put them on the shelf.  A Yoga parade of Animals goes through several poses that all have animal names. The kids noticed that some of the poses are ones they already knew but learned them with a different name.  My husband evidently had to read this one the other night for a bedtime book. He and the kids were doing each of the poses as he read about them. They all loved it. His favorite was the"sleeping snake".

I also found Babar's Yoga for Elephants. My kids love Babar books so this one has been well loved. I was surprised by how much they have read through these books. I often hear Sophie leading the boys through a series from the book. And they love to show me the new moves they master.

This morning I turned on my DVD to do a half hour of Yoga. I started off alone and before long I had two little guys one the floor with me listening to Rodney Yee tell us how to bend into strange positions. Even my husband who was getting dressed for work couldn't help but join in for a few minutes for a bit of a stretch. We love doing yoga and I am glad that my kids are enjoying doing a little exercise. I am always happy to have them join me.

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Alison said...

Yoga is great. There is a class at the Y I tried (and failed) to get to this morning. John and I even went to a class (not at the Y) together one Saturday morning. Very relaxing when you don't have the little helpers.