Thursday, July 22, 2010

Golfland was so FUN!

There is a Man in our ward that owns a miniature golf place. Today his wife hosted a little golf land summer fun day.  We took advantage of his generosity and enjoyed a round of golf and then the boys gave the water slides a try.

We did this same event last year one day before Molly was born. I had come to Golfland with my Mom who was there waiting for me to finally go into labor. We walked the entire course and let the kids have a good time hitting the balls. I just remember it being so hot and I feeling so heavy. Little did I know that less than 24 hours later I was going to be delivered. I kept thinking about that as we walked the course this time. Especially since we had just celebrated Molly's birthday yesterday.

Last year we didn't attempt the water slides. Henry wasn't tall enough and Sophie and Ian weren't that interested in doing it. This time the kids were all excited to give it a try.

Ian jumped right in. Or I guess I should say climbed the hill and then slipped on in. He didn't even hesitate. Sophie climbed the hill, got to the top and then had second thoughts. She really doesn't like tube slides. When she was little she always called the ones at the park "scary slides". She just couldn't bring herself to go down the slides so she came back down the hill and watched.  I told her that was fine. It isn't a requirement to go down the slides. She actually had a lot of fun just lounging in the shade talking to all the other moms as we watched our kids come down the slides.

Henry climbed the hill and walked back down. He just wanted to swim. The lifeguard wouldn't let him get into the splash pool and told him he had to go down the slide or go out of the area. He climbed the hill again and came shooting out of the slide with the biggest grin. He loved it.

They spent a good hour and a half climbing the hill to the top of the slides and coming down again. They tried out all three of the slides and had a great time. It was hard to pull them out of the pool.

This black tube actually goes underground and the boys thought they were so brave to do that one.  I can't believe I actually caught a picture of Henry coming out. It was not easy to predict when they would come to the end.

After all the sun we spent a little time (and money) in the arcade. We played a few games of air hockey, skee ball and a few others.

Molly loved this game. I kept finding her standing in it watching the light go around and around.

Of course the boys had to play one of the shooting games. Boys and guns!?

The rest of the day they kept saying that Golf land is so fun. I know they will be asking me again and again when we will be able to come again.

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Bibliophile said...

I remember last year at Golfland. I'm glad that the kids tried the water slides. I would love to do that myself, but I am a bit old for it (darm).