Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All in A Day

Wednesday is always one of the busiest days of the week for us. Here is a quick glance through this busy day.
Sophie had an audio book going right after breakfast. She is listening to King of the Wind again. Once we got to a stopping place we decided to finally get started on our academics.
After our usual start of day devotional time, I decided to do something a little different. I asked if the kids wanted to learn how to read music. Sophie was the only one who stuck with the lesson. We went through a few basics and looked a few of the simple music books that I have. I am certainly no music expert and have never really had any music theory but Sophie didn't seem to mind. She enjoyed me teaching her the letter names of the notes and where they are on the staff, we clapped out a few rhythms and even played a few of the really easy things. She even decided to write her own piece of music that she entitled "Flowers in the Wind".
Then the kids did their table work. Ian did Explode the Code and Math. Sophie did her Math.
Henry finished his cutting book. He is excited to try some cutting and pasting for a change. I haven't got a pasting workbook so I think I am going to have to look online to see if there are any free pages we can do tomorrow. Molly took a really good nap and woke up happy! She was very content to just sit on the floor and play with her toys.

After making and eating a little lunch (Green smoothies for all, YUMMY!) we had a little more work to do. Sophie needed to practice some spelling words so instead of having her write them we broke out the white board and she made her words with magnetic letters. The boys of course had to participate so Henry did the alphabet in order and Ian spelled out his entire name. He is really trying to learn how to spell his middle and last names.

Molly of course just hung out and looked cute and smiled at anyone who would look at her. She was in a good mood today!

Wednesday is always park day. We headed to the park to play with some friends. Henry showed off his monkey skills. Molly enjoyed the Sunshine (There was a little sun the popped out between the clouds). Sophie and Ian gathered up sticks and built a Leprechaun trap. My kids always find fun things to do at the park.

We left the park early because Sophie needed to go to her Lego Robotics class. This is given at the YMCA so the boys and Molly went to the Kids corner and I went to the Cardio room, burned off a bunch of calories and watched some Hockey. I picked up the boys and let them shoot baskets while we waited for Sophie's class to finish.

This girl LOVES this class. She was so excited to show me what she had programed her robot to do.
15 minutes after Sophie's Robotics class ended, the three older kids went to Karate class. My husband met us there so he got to work out and picked up the kids from their class when it was over.

Molly and I went home and had a bubble bath.

Somewhere in there Laundry got put in the washer and dryer and even folded. Meals were cooked, eaten and the dishes cleaned. There were even a few story books read and I talked to my Mom briefly on ichat. I honestly don't know how it all fits into the day.


Karen said...

That sounds like a pretty great day to me!

Bibliophile said...

You accomplished a lot in one day! I would like to know more about the Robotics class that Sophie is taking. Would you take more pictures of the class?

aly in va said...

A busy day is right! They are starting a Lego class here in the summer and we're all signed up. The robot sounds cool.

the lazy reader said...

Whew, what a satisfying day!