Thursday, February 18, 2010

Try Chinese

Over the past few weeks I have have had a very difficult time getting Sophie to write anything. She throws tantrums about doing copy work. Hates having to do write ups for Science or History. She won't even write a story to go along with a picture she draws. So I was a little shocked to see what her new favorite free time activity is.

I picked up a number of books about China, Chinese New Year, and one book called Long is a Dragon , which is about Chinese writing.
Sophie has spent a lot of time with this book the last few days. She made a bunch of Valentines to give to family with Chinese proverbs on them. She has been making up sentences and writing them in English and then Chinese. She writes them left to right like we do in English rather than vertical like Chinese is usually written. I am not complaining at least she is writing.

These are some of her early attempts. I didn't get pictures of the really good ones before she gave them to Grandma and Grandpa.

I love it that she finds things to entertain herself like this. Our table, the past two weeks has almost always been covered with little scraps of paper she has cut into dragons, masks or Valentines of some sort, each with a little chinese saying on them.

I need to stop getting so frustrated that she doesn't write enough. She finds ways to learn what she need to as long as I fill our home with interesting books and supplies to create with. She takes over the rest.


Karen said...

I am very happy to see that she found a way to make things more interesting!

Aly in Va said...

My little one has been into chinese writing too. Have you checked out "The pet dragon"? It's a cute picture book that uses the characters and in the story, tells why they are what they are.

Malissa said...

Kids all have a mind of their own. I'm glad she's writing in Chinese and copying the sayings. I'm sure you're family will just love the valentine's!

I used the Draw-Write-Now series with Jeffrey just to get a pencil in his hand. He has made one of each of the animals in ALL the books. Not conventional, but getting in the practice.

Jennifer said...

"Inspire not require" really does work! Way to go.

the lazy reader said...

What a great idea!