Friday, November 20, 2009

Dependent on Audio Books.

We have always listened to audio books. It is great way to listen to more stories without me having to do all the reading. My kids play or color while we listen and I am always surprised how much they remember. I have been using audio books more and more lately. I think being pregnant and then having a newborn makes it difficult to spend time reading aloud. Just when the kids want the next chapter, I would have to take care of a diaper or Molly would want to be held. Besides I read so many other books for science and history that I just don't feel like reading even more. I do at times but mostly I keep us well stocked with great audio books. Luckily our library system has tons of them to choose from.

A few weeks ago I introduced my kids to Anne of Green Gables. They loved this story and listened to each disc twice before moving onto the next. They laughed at Anne dying her hair, smashing her slate on Gilbert's head, and setting Diana drunk. I showed them the movie version after we finished listening and Sophie was so sad that they left out when Anne put liniment in the cake. I could tell they aren't ready for the sequels yet. They got a little bored as Anne got older and got into less scrapes. I am sure we will listen to this one again in a few years. I is one of my favorite series of books ever and I reread them every once in awhile and I hope Sophie grows to love them too.

One afternoon I realized we hadn't done any history for a few days so I put on The Courage of Sarah Noble. It doesn't quite take place at the time period we are studying but the kids didn't seem to mind. They enjoyed this simple little story. We talked about courage and about how helpful Sarah was to her father even at only 8 years old. The didn't want me to return it to the library yet so I have the feeling we will be listening to it again soon.

Another favorite the last few weeks has been the funny Mr. Popper's Penguins. We have already listened to this one twice and the kids run around acting like the excited penguins.
We listen to audio books in the car too. Last week we listened toAround the World in 80 Days. I didn't know if the kids would really enjoy this one. It is a bit old for them but they kept talking about Phileas Fogg and the different places he went. This week when we studied about India and did our map work, they wanted to add in the route Fogg took through India. I do admit we skipped the chapter when Fogg travels through Utah. I knew that it isn't very complementary to Mormons so we just jumped forward a bit and the kids didn't even notice.

I have a few more on the shelf waiting to be read. We have the Mysterious Benidict Society, Caddie Woodlawn and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. We will see which the kids pick next. I usually just pick a few and keep them on the shelf and they put them on themselves. They can't stand to have too much quiet so always need something going while they build with legos or draw. I don't mind hearing all these stories either. Many I have heard before but love the revisit but most of them I haven't read before so feel like I am finally getting in all the those I missed. So I may not get a lot of reading time on my own but we certainly make it through a lot of audio books.

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