Thursday, November 19, 2009

Settling down? Maybe not!

For some reason Fall always seems so busy. I was hoping that things will settle down now that a few of the classes the kids were doing are finished. But it still feels like we are rushing about to get from one thing to the next. We often don't get home until after dark and I have gotten rather lazy about making dinner. We end up making scrambled eggs, pancakes and even oatmeal a lot.

We recently tried out yet another homeschool park group. I have tried several in the area and never found one that I really felt like we fit in. So far so good. I have enjoyed talking with the other mothers and there is a wide age range so each of the kids can find someone to play with. The parks this group goes to changes each month and are often quite a drive from our house. This means that on the days we attend this group we don't get home before dark. My kids enjoy it just about as much as the park group we also attend from our ward. But this means two afternoons are spent at the park each week. And both days we stay out until the sun goes down.

When Sophie had her cooking class that was yet another night we didn't make it home for a decent dinner. She also recently started going to activity days at the church which in our stake it every week. So on this night we quickly make and clean up dinner so we can get her there. Throw in Primary meetings for me, or a few extra hours of work for my husband and we never seem to have a calm evening anymore. I guess this is just how it is when you have children. I know I had activities and such as a kid but I just don't remember it feeling this busy. Maybe it is because I wasn't worried about anyone else's things and didn't notice how my parents juggled everything.

I have been told to sign up Henry for Gymnastics because of his athleticism, but I can't see how we can handle one more thing in our schedule. Something has to go. Priorities need to be set and the rest cut out. I guess I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I think it has something to do with the Fall. Maybe the shorter days make me feel like I have less time to get everything accomplished. For what ever reason... I look forward to a breather. Maybe we will have to make our attendance at all these different things biweekly or something we just don't seem to have time to just be together as a family.
I know this is normal but it just is really throwing me off balance a bit. (Having a baby that isn't sleeping through the night can also be adding to this feeling).

So if I am not here posting as often, it is because I am playing taxi driver.

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