Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tooth Fairy is in Trouble!

Sophie has been loosing a number of teeth recently. I am actually getting really good at pulling them out. She doesn't even flinch any more and even asks me to try them to see if they are ready. Her most recent one came out 3 days ago. Sophie had trouble doing her math that day because her tooth was so loose and bothering her, so I decided to give it a look and before she knew what was going on the tooth was in my hand. It really was barely hanging on. We quickly taped it to a piece of paper and wrote the date on it. She ran it to her room and put it under her pillow right then. She was able to go back to doing her math and we all went about our day.

The next morning she came out of her room holding that little piece of paper and said that the tooth fairy forgot to visit that night. I felt bad and told her that sometimes the tooth fairy is busy and just can't make it. She decided that was a good enough excuse and ran the tooth back to her room.

The next morning I hear her crying her room. She was tearing apart her bed looking for something. My husband went in and helped her look not even knowing what he was looking for. I found out that she was looking for the package from the tooth fairy. She thought she had knocked it off her bed and she was sure she heard it fall behind her bed. I sheepishly told my husband the tooth fairy again forgot. We found the tooth and calmed her down.

Then this morning again there was the tooth and again there was no package. What is the tooth fairy doing? How can she forget to come three nights in a row? I don't know what she has been doing but evidently she must be having some long nights and she is getting forgetful in her old age or distracted by baby tooth fairy. For what ever reason or excuse SHE HAD BETTER NOT FORGET AGAIN TONIGHT!!! and it better be good!


Malissa said...

The tooth fairy forgot to come to our house last month. What is going on with the tooth fairy? It must be old age. But, as long as she makes it up, the kids are always happy:)

Hopefully, there will be something for Sophie in the morning!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

While unpacking last month I found a ziplock bag with a tooth and fifty cents inside it. I don't even remember which kid it was for.

Bibliophile said...

Ohhh. I certainly hope the Tooth Fairy remembers tonight!