Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Rare Treat

Almost every time we go to the grocery store and walk through the produce section, Sophie goes up to those little boxes of Blackberries, blueberries and Raspberries and asks if we can get some. I look at the little tiny box and then at the 4 or 5 dollar price tag and say "not today". We often have these berries but usually they are frozen and we throw them into smoothies or something.

Well, yesterday when we went to the store, I saw a lady pushing a cart toward the checkout stand with what must have been 20 of those little boxes of Raspberries. I remember thinking "She must be making jam" and then went on with my shopping. When we got to the produce, which was the last section we needed to visit, one of the workers there, restocking things, told me to make sure to pick up some raspberries. I looked at that little boxes of Raspberries and then at the price, 99 cents. Sophie was standing in front of them too and got very excited when I told her to pick out 4 boxes of them. She was thrilled that today we would finally get to take some home. I picked up a few other fruits and vegetables and then while walking past the raspberries once more, I collected four more boxes and added them to my cart. How could I pass up such a good price on these lovely little berries?! Now I could understand what that lady was doing with the cart full of berries.

When we got home, Sophie immediately grabbed one box, washed the berries and started to dig in. She and Ian finished off one box themselves before I even got the groceries put away. We added another box to a fruit salad for dinner that night.

This morning I made some Pop up Pancakes. I knew they would be great with another box of the berries.
I still have five more boxes of berries. What should I do with them? Sophie wanted me to make jam but I don't have enough for that. My husband said to add them to a smoothie, but I told him we have frozen berries for that. Sophie also suggested a cobbler but for some reason I just don't want to make one with these berries.

I guess I just want to eat them as they are and enjoy the fact that we have fresh raspberries to eat. That just doesn't happen for us very often. Maybe I should run back to the store and see if there are any berries left. You can never have too many raspberries.


Malissa said...

We don't get them often either. What a lucky find! Yummmmmmm! Enjoy.

Alison said...

I saw them too and got a coupleof boxes myself. Just eat them fresh. Don't waste the fresh goodness on anything you can do with frozen.

Bibliophile said...

I am JEALOUS! Raspberries are my favorite berries (well, I do like blackberries, too)!

Angela said...

Yumm...Please post that recipe for the pop up's . They look fantastic