Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of Fall

It doesn't quite feel like Fall yet. We are still having 90 degree weather but I can see the signs that the season is changing.
I love the Fall. It always feels so good to get out the long sleeved shirts and sweaters again. I much prefer them over shorts and t-shirts. I sleep so much when it is cooler at night and since the house isn't hot I actually cook and bake. Yummmm... hot soup and bread for dinner again sounds so good!
My kids have been noticing the change of season too. They suddenly feel like they have to decide what to be for Halloween and want me to fill my grocery cart with bags of candy. I guess I should start thinking about such things since holidays do seem to creep up on me very quickly. I have a feeling I will be making a Luke Skywalker costume and Henry would make such a cute Yoda. I wonder if I can somehow make Sophie into Princess Leah.

Oh the joy of Fall. It really is my favorite season of the year. After a long hot Summer it is always nice to see the cool weather return.

I hope it decides to come soon!


Bibliophile said...

I LOVE Autumn, too. I like the photos of the children. They must be from last year????

Sea Star said...

They are actually from 2006. Henry was just over a year old.

Angela said...

Great photos----even if they are 2006. It will be fun to compare 2009!