Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Nature Walk

We take nature walks all the time (Very Charlotte Mason of us). This isn't always easy. We live in the city so we don't have big open places to roam around in. We have to be creative and drive a little to get to nature sometimes. We often go to the park but even that doesn't feel like nature sometimes. Yesterday my daughter decided we needed to just walk around the block. She also wanted to bring the camera so we could take pictures of what we found.

Just outside our front door the kids found a few rolly polly bugs. We called them rolly pollies or potato bugs growing up. I have no idea what the scientific name would be. Henry followed it around for awhile as it tried desperately to get away from him.

We walked around to the side of the house and there we found a Mosquito eater. Another bug for which I use the term I grew up using.

Just over the fence in our neighbor's yard there are some beautiful roses.

I hope the neighbors on our block don't mind if we touch all their plants. Children just don't understand the idea of look but do not touch. Besides that is the best part of exploring nature. Feeling the different textures.

I did know these two trees. Apple (don't ask me which kind) and a Magnolia tree.

My daughter informed that the palm tree is her favorite tree. She loves that they are so tall.

One of the things my kids noticed this time on our nature walk was all the spider webs in the bushes. They pointed them out everywhere. Maybe this is because we just read a Magic School bus book about spiders so it was on the mind.

Great walk! And didn't have to go more then half a block.

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