Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Last week a old neighbor of ours gave my animal loving Sophie a large giraffe. Sophie is so excited to have this permanant guest in her room.She tried to come up with a name for her giraffe. She at first called it giraffie but that was just wasn't right yet. So one day she found a book on the shelf about a horse called Doodlebug and decided that that was the name for her giraffe. So Doodlebug it is for now. I am sure she will change it again.
It is amazing how much play time Doodlebug has gotten over the last week. She is always given a pillow and a blanket at night. And Doodlebug has a lot of babies to take care of. Soph and Ian gather up all the other giraffes in our house (which is actually more than I would have thought) and Doodlebug takes care of them. Soph was never a girl to play with dolls but her animals sure know how to take care of their babies.

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