Monday, February 13, 2017

Killer Bunnies

For Christmas this year Henry was given a new card game. We had played it before at a friends house when we had gone there for a family game night. Henry has asked for it ever since.  So we finally got him the Killer Bunnies game. The box we got him came with the starter deck and the yellow expansion. I think we played it everyday sometime multiple times a day since that day.  About a week before Ian's birthday I decided we needed to add the next booster deck to the game so brought out the red box of card that I had been saving for this birthday. I knew we couldn't wait.

Then after playing that one for a few days the kids decided they needed to get Ian another booster for his Birthday so they pitched in and bought yet another booster, the purple deck.

Ian opened this deck on his birthday and it has only added to the fun. 

 We are a bit obsessed with this game at the moment and play it all the time still. I am surprised the cards aren't worn out yet.

 When we first started playing there was some moments of crying and people getting really upset about their bunnies getting killed but I had to remind the kids that that is what the game is called. It isn't fluffy bunnies, it is Killer Bunnies. We get to kill each others bunnies with weapons of all sorts. Molly especially is known for using the biggest weapons. She unleashes the Ebola Virus or wipes out large amounts of bunnies with stray astroids quite often.  The rest of us tend to try to kill bunnies or take carrots from others players through more subtle means like starving them or gambling them. That is part of the charm of this game. There are tons of different ways to kill each other's bunnies and try to keep everyone from gathering carrots.

I have a feeling we will be adding more and more decks to our game. We can't seem to get enough of this ruthless game. We even had all the 12 and 13 year old youth over one night to play the game and all seemed to really love it. Great game for large groups. There is no real limit to the number of players especially if you have booster decks with more an more cards. 

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