Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Soccer Rules our Lives!

Soccer season is always busy. Henry loved playing last year so had to play again this year. That means two practices a week and a game every Saturday.  I was asked to be the assistant coach for his team and that has been fun but also time consuming. Henry's team is doing well this year. Last year he was on a team that lost most of the time. This year his team is undefeated and at the moment at the top of the ranks. Not that this proves I am a good coach. The kids just have pulled together as a team and play the positions they are given well. 
 Molly too decided to play soccer this year. And I was asked to coach her team.
 They had enough girls in her age bracket to form teams of just girls. So I get to spend time with these little ladies trying to teach them how to play soccer.

I am finding this age and group of girls quite a challenge.  These are very social girls who are mostly Kindergarden age with a few first graders.  Some have played before but mostly they are a new to the sport. I feel like I am "herding cats".  There are a few that especially don't listen and don't like to run. Molly is one of them. They loose every game. Good thing we don't keep score. But at least there is always a fun snack after each game.

Coaching both of these teams means I do soccer 4 days a week and most of Saturday mornings. It is starting to wear on me and my family looks forward to when the season is over and we can return to having actual meals and not thrown together stuff or just cereal for dinner

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Camie Madsen said...

You're an awesome soccer mom in every sense of the word! You're creating fun memories. :)