Sunday, September 13, 2015


All summer my kids kept asking me for lego building challenges. They were particularly proud of this hobbit hole they made. We don't have any Lord of the Rings or Hobbit sets so this was made out of random bricks that we have in our big Lego bins.

 I had several rooms inside that hill.

 There are removable roof pieces so figures can be moved about.

 Since Henry never feels like he has enough legos he and Ian went in together to buy a Minecraft Lego set. They were so excited to finally get a Steve and a Creeper mini figures.
Henry even spent an entire day filming frame by frame a stop motion lego movie. I have about a million pictures of almost the exact same thing with just a tiny change from frame to frame.  My boys never tire of or get enough legos. They are always dreaming of the next set they would love to have.

Henry was even given the opportunity to display some of his Legos at our library.
 This is what Henry decided to display. Lots of Hogwarts mini figures his Minecraft house and Molly insisted Merida and her three brothers go on display too.

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