Sunday, September 13, 2015

Scottish Festival

 I know I called this a Scottish Festival and here are pictures of Romans. Well it was a big Scottish Festival and most of the stuff there was the same things we had seen at the Scottish Festival last March. We thought since this one was supposed to be bigger there would be different things to see.
The Roman armor was new. 
 We also saw some sheep dog trials.
 We saw lots of birds of prey. Falcons, Hawks and owls.

 There were clidesdales there and the kids were quite impressed by their size.

 There was dancing, lots of dancing!
Somehow I didn't get even one picture of the Kaber Toss competion or the bagpipers. I guess I just was too engrossed in the action. Either that or I was just trying to keep a little girl who "Just wanted to go home" busy or distracted.  But we saw some men toss the big pole. One even was able to get it to flip end over end. That really got the crowd excited!  We heard a number of bagpipe bands play  and even watched a drum major competition. So there were quite a few things that the other festival we go to didn't have. It was worth the trip. And thanks to a very nice neighbor, we got in Free and even had great parking!

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