Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cloud Castles

We have been listening to the Audiobook of Brandon Mull's book Sky Raiders which is the first book in the Five Kingdoms series. My kids are very enthusiastic about this story and decided to build some cloud castles themselves out of legos.

 Here is one populated by princesses and such.
 Merida's three little Bear Brothers evidently must stay with Merida because they live here with the princesses in this cloud castle.

Here is one inhabited by pirate semblances.

I guess we have enough Hagrid figures (sorry you can't see all three Hagrid figures they included) to have this castle be the home for giants.

All the Emmets live together here in this one. I think bad cop showed up on this one too.

In the picture below you can even see the boats they made so the sky raiders can get to the different castles. 

I love it when my kids get creative with their legos and create things from their reading or in this case listening.

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