Monday, June 2, 2014


My kids are addicted. They have bought themselfs the Minecraft game on the computer. We only had the Kindle app before and it just wasn't satisfying the addiction so they had to buy the computer version. Now rather than play wii or fight over who gets to play first on the tablet they all gather around the laptop to build or add to their worlds in Minecraft. Even Molly gets in on the action. Although the older kids won't let her play Minecraft on the computer she has to play on the Kindle. It is amazing how excited they are about this game. I feel like it is a pretty harmless game. If they are going to play computer games I figured this was a good one.

Then when they aren't playing the computer version they are building minecraft figures out of legos. 
 Here is Steve.
 Here is Steve with this helmet and sword.

Even the cat wants to get in on the action. She aways wants to be in the center of things and hang out where the all the people are.

Screen time at our house is limited. They have a whole list of things they have to do before being able to have their hour of screen time each day. But the desire to play Minecraft is great so the chores and school work get done pretty quickly. Insentive works.

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