Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A lot of Water Play

Temperatures are pretty high lately. It certainly feels like Summer. Maybe that is why getting my kids to do much school work has been difficult.  We have certainly found ways to stay cool.

 Our Homeschool group had a lesson on rockets and the kids got a chance to pump up a water rocket and send it spraying across the road.  This was one of the best homeschool lessons ever. I don't know if they really learned a whole lot but they sure had a blast doing it.

 One Saturday, a few weeks ago, I took three of the kids to the library and we noticed the water feature was going in the park nearby. Even though the kids didn't have swim stuff they still decided they needed to play.

 We have been coming to this "splash pad" to play in the water several times a week

 They usually meet up with a bunch of other people we know here at the park. They could stay all day and just run through the spray and throw water at eachother.
 Last night was cub scout pack meeting and sure enough there was more water rockets.
 This is the season for water play. We have had no shortage of opportunities to play and enjoy.
Summer won't seem quite so long if we have opportunities to keep cool in the water!

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Bibliophile said...

Thanks for posting. I was thinking that you're now too busy to blog. The kids love water play, for sure.