Monday, June 30, 2014

We went to cubalot

Last week was Cub Scout day camp. It was held at our church building but was for all the cub scout troops in the area.  I signed up to help so ended up being a Den Leader and got to hang out with Henry and a group of about 7 other Wolf scouts.

 BB gun shooting was, of course, one of the favorite activities.
 Sophie was a Youth Volunteer and was assigned to be a "den chief" of a Bear group. She got to have some of the same fun that the scouts did. We happened to be at the BB gun range when her bear group was at the Archery range.
 I was busy wrangling my scouts that I kept forgetting to pull out the camera. Here is Henry learning how to play vollyball.  They also played chess, marbles, did some wood working, they made wooden step stools and also a wooden sword (since the theme was Knights of the Roundtable), they stormed the castle with catapults and made little ones to take home. They cooked a pizza with a solar oven and even went swimming one of the days we were there.
 There were about 130 scouts with another 44 youth leaders and then a bunch of adults. It certainly filled the gym. Here is the group all watching skits. Each den practiced and performed a skit and a song before the audience.

 I didn't get to see much of Ian. His Webelos group was off doing other things. He got to do a lot of the same things my wolf den did but at this camp the activities are planned around each ranks achievements or requirements. He was off doing Webelos things and completed a number of different requirements to get several more of his Webelos pins.

Do you see all those things stuck to the scout's hat. They were given a little hat pin after completing each of the different classes so by the end of the week their hats were covered. It was very fun. That bulls eye one was awarded only if you actually got a bulls eye. I don't know if Ian got it on the BB gun or the Archery. I know Sophie got a bulls eye at the BB gun range. I think Ian's was from Archery. Henry came really close with both but didn't quite get a bulls eye.

 Molly was at cub camp too. She was with a group called the "tot lot". Many of the leaders had young children that needed watching so there were about 30 kids all doing crafts and watching movies and doing different games and activities while the cub scouts were all working hard and having fun.  The tots also came to flag each day and watched the skit performance too.
Here is Sophie leading her group in their Yell. She loved being a den chief and is already looking forward to going to scout camp again next year.

Me? I think I could use about a year to recover from non stop scouts for days on end. It was fun but boy am I worn out!

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