Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Might have a Scar.

Molly has a number of these little princess type shoes. I really don't like them. They clip clop so loud around our house on the hard wood floors.  Another problem is that they tend to be slippery. There is little bit of traction but little might be generous when describing what these have on the bottoms.

Today Molly slipped again and this time she hit her face on the edge of a book case. She started bawling and screaming (which isn't really that new around here. It is her preferred way to communicate displeasure or irritation). It wasn't until Henry yelled "Molly is bleeding" that I jumped into action.

With blood all down the side of her face and her shirt covered with blood, I had her lay down and went to grab a wet cloth to clean her off and inspect the wound. After just a short time and a bit of pressure this is what I saw.

 Not too bad. Just a small cut along her eyebrow.  I didn't think it would need stitches. She kept on crying while I continued to clean her up. Then I made the observation "You might end up with a scar" aloud to Molly. She stopped her whimpering and replied "Just like Harry Potter". Amazingly the crying stopped and she let me work without any further murmurs.

Sophie showed Molly her scar on her forehead from a similar accident. Sophie had a trip to the ER and stitches.  Molly just got a little neosporin and a bandaid.

 A quick change of clothes and a bucket of playmobil toys later she is happy again.

This girl is tough! Just like Harry Potter.


Bibliophile said...

Molly, I'm sorry that you hurt yourself today. I hope your cut scabs over and that you will feel better soon. Everyone has scars from childhood, so you're no different. Love from Grandma

Michelle said...

My Matthew had stitches on his forehead a few months ago. A neighbor and my Pediatrician said to use "Mederma" on it. I've been using it on Matthew's and seems to be helping, and fading the red (it also has sunscreen in it). It's kinda expensive, but in my opinion, worth it since it's on the face. About $15-$20 a tube. You use so little of it, it lasts a long time. Sorry, this is a lot of info, and her scar might not be that bad. But my Pediatrician said to really make sure the scar doesn't get sunburned to help lighten the look of the scar. Glad she didn't need stitches and glad she is happy to be like Harry Potter!

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