Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Half Day at the Beach

Sophie started her online classes today. And the rest of us did some school this morning but after lunch we decided to take the rest of the day and head to the beach. I didn't tell my kids we would be going until just a few minutes before we left. I just told them to get their swim stuff on and grab their boards. On the drive we were suddenly struck with the realization that we forgot the sand toys. How could be forget such a vital part of a beach excursion? Oh well, we still had a great time!

 The waves were a little strange so the kids didn't use their boards too much. The tide was out and the waves were rolling in really short. The riptide was pretty strong so I kept a close eye on the kids as they played out in the waves.
 Especially this little lady. She enjoyed playing in the water as it rolled up onto the beach but I didn't let her get too far into the waves.
 There was still all sorts of things to do at the beach even without sand toys and boogie boarding.
 Sand crabs were a big draw.

 Ian and Molly enjoyed burying each other in the sand.

Henry and Sophie spent almost the entire time in the water jumping over the waves.

 See, I was there too. I mostly just kept an eye on everything and tried not to freeze in the cool wind. Wow! does my hair look gray.

Another successful trip to the beach. Even if it was rather impromptu and we forgot a few key items at home.

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