Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Empanadas - Tasty Homework

Sophie's Online class is learning all about South America. One of her assignments for the week was to make Empanadas. We looked online for a recipe and finally decided to make apple filling for our empanadas. Of course we went for the sweet rather than the savory. 

 Sophie got to work making the pastry dough
 Everyone took turns rolling out a bit and then forking around the edges. I only took pictures of Sophie doing this because she needed to turn in pictures.
 Henry actually did most of the frying. He loves flames and hot things. Sophie is a bit afraid of anything that could burn her.  She was happy to turn that part of the process over to Henry.
 Here are our empanadas lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

 So what's the verdict? Any good?

 Henry even asked to have these again for his birthday instead of cake.
I guess that means they were good. I don't know if we will serve them again for Henry's birthday which is coming up. But they are a tasty treat and made a yummy FHE dessert. 

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Bibliophile said...

Empanadas must be good, according to the smiling faces in your blog! I must try some of those, too.