Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swinging into Spring

This weekend the weather was perfect, cool but not cold, sunny but not hot, and since it rained last week everything was green. The weekend was also great because we spent it at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was General Conference weekend. We don't get it on t.v. at our house so we decided to come at view it on BYUtv with my parents.
Isn't the place I grew up lovely. Big front yard and pasture in which to run around. We spent as much time outside this weekend at we could.

One thing that the kids took advantage of is the tire swing that one of their uncles rigged up on one of the trees in the pasture. It has been there for a few months but hasn't seen quite so much action as it did this weekend.
My kids were out on the swing almost all day long. They would only come in to eat and beg someone to come out and push them.
Grandpa got chosen this time.

Molly just enjoyed being allowed to run around outside and sit in the tall grass and pick flowers and grass.

She was given a few pushes on the swing as well but most of her time was spent sitting in the grass.
Everyone spent a lot of time outside giving the kids pushes on the swing. It is nice that the tire itself is big enough and the chain and tree are strong enough for all the kids to get on at once.
Henry of course had to test out some of his Indiana Jones moves.

Every time we went out to see what the kids were doing, they were out in the pasture playing on the swing or out in the grass.

It was especially fun when the cousins came over to play too.

But then there were so many kids that you had to actually take turns riding and pushing. But nobody seemed to mind. They all had a great time out making forts in the grass while they waited for their turn.

I spent a fair amount of time out there too. Not just taking pictures. I got a good amount of pushing time in as well.

The kids loved being able to walk through the grass. It isn't always this green and soft. It is often full of stickers and then they spend a lot of time picking burrs out of their socks and pants.
But this weekend it was perfect for roaming and crushing to make trails.

We did make the trek up the street for "the walk" too. The kids got to see little tadpoles in the pond. Sophie said she found some baby snakes under a rock on one of the walks. And we all got to see birds, horses and dogs as we headed up the hill.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the beautiful weekend.  What could have been better than spending time outside with family interspersed with word of the prophets. We liked it soo much we took an extra day and didn't come home until Monday night.

It is going to take some time to adjust to being back home in the city where there just isn't as much fun right outside our door.

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Bibliophile said...

I enjoyed reading your report on this great weekend. It was really a weekend to chat about for a long time. I wish the grass would stay green all summer!