Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Popcorn Popping

When Sophie was a baby I must have taken her outside to blow bubbles a lot. Her first word was "bubble". Other than the usual Mama and such of course. I don't remember Ian's first word or phrase. He waited so long to talk and I already had Henry by that time so I don't recall what his first word was. Henry talked a lot about balls if I remember right. He loved all sorts of balls and would make the sign and say ball. Molly is now starting to communicate with words as well as signs accompanied by a lot of crying and stamping her feet and all that comes with it.

Molly loves Popcorn and now is starting to ask for it by name. We have this little snack almost everyday.

It is something the kids can make all by themselves and I don't feel too badly about them eating. They have put way too much butter on once but usually it has just about the right amount. They always seem to think there needs to be more butter but I assure them there is plenty. The bowl gets cleared so I don't think they seem to mind.
She gets the popper out of the cabinet all by herself and sets herself up with a step stool so she can watch the action. She loves to watch the popcorn pop and fall into the bowl.

She insists on it being taken to the rug and placed in her lap.
She thinks it her personal treat and that she is just sharing it with the rest of us.
Molly's favorite song is, of course, Popcorn popping on the Apricot tree. She knows all the hand signs that go along with the song and sings "Pop Pop Pop" through out the whole thing.
There could be a lot of words she could choose to say but Popcorn is one of the first very recognizable words she has spoken. It is funny what kids choose in which to get interested. At least this is a yummy one!


Flem said...

My kids can make it on their own too--they take the little bag out of the plastic and push "popcorn" on the microwave... ha ha!

I seriously do love it airpopped though and this post almost persuadeth me to buy one. For me a close second is using a ton of oil to make the salt stick.

Kodelle said...

Popcorn is a favorite in our house too!

Bibliophile said...

I noticed that Molly has on four different outfits in this single blog entry, and all include popcorn. That proves that popcorn is a real favorite, just like Grandpa!