Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High Diving Horses

Tonight I showed my kids a movie I remember watching many times in my younger days. Wild Hearts Can't be Broken. I remembered this story as one that took place during the depression so put it on my Netflix queue. It arrived the other day. I am not surprised that they loved it. (except for the kissing part "Do we have to watch the kissing parts?) They thought it was a lot of fun and got even more excited when they found out it was a true story.  I even had a book on the shelf that I had picked up at the library about Sonora and her high diving horse. We of course had to read it right that minute.
I really enjoyed reading some more about Sonora in the book. The author's note and the dust jacket filled in a bit more about the story. And after doing a little internet search I found out the movie isn't very accurate (but then when is the movie ever true to the real story).  It is still a fun story to read and watch.

On the dust jacket the author tells how the horses loved jumping so much that when one of them got out of their stall they ran up the ramp and jumped all on its own.  I just don't think we would see an act like that these days. I certainly wouldn't want to do the jumping off of a 40 and sometimes 60 foot tower into a pool of water.

My kids of course then had to do some horse dives.Luckily there tower was only 2 feet high. But they laid out the blue blanket so it could be their pool to land in and took turns being the rider and announcer.

My kids just never seem to have any fun!

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Karen said...

"Do we have to watch the kissing part?" - I think I remember that line from The Princess Bride. And by the end, he didn't mind so much. :)