Friday, March 11, 2011

Not Sick, Just Busy Doing the Usual

I have been rather silent this week. I guess I just don't have a lot to share. We are not sick. We are not going anywhere out of the ordinary. We aren't doing anything except the normal stuff. Life is good and just seemed to flow this week without too many hang ups.
The living room did tend to look a lot like this. The kids felt like they really needed the trains, blocks, playmobiles, and legos all out at the same time. I was surprised that clean up was actually easier than when they only have one box of stuff out. Each was given an assignment and they did it and each night the front room was ready for school the next day.
Molly actually really loves to play trains. Sophie LOVED Thomas trains when she was this age. The boys played with the trains but didn't get that excited about them.
Our tracks are very beat up and many of the pieces have, in the course of years, made their way to the trash because they get abused and broken. So our set has dwindled quite a bit. But there are still enough to make a little track and that was all Molly needs right now.  Notice that popcorn on the floor? Molly still insists on a bowl of popcorn each day. She goes to the cabinet and gets out the popper all by herself when she feels it is time. One morning she got it out for breakfast. 
While we are on the subject of Molly.... She is starting to really communicate. She has a number of words that come out more or less clearly but she is picking up signs for things quite easily. One night she was pointing out all the dogs, cats, birds and flowers in a book and making the sign for each of them.
Lest you forget there are other children that reside in this house I will include a few pictures of the older kids.  Who ever said that the younger children never get any pictures is totally wrong. Molly is certainly in the majority of the photos I snap each day.
Each of these kids has such a strong personality and are so different from each other. It love getting to see them develop in all the different ways.  I am glad they are such good friends (most of the time) too.  They certainly enjoy playing together and they have so many thoughts, ideas and schemes that they share together I am overwhelmed by all their excitement.  I just wish they would think and plan a little less about Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Wii games.  They don't get to play the Wii all that often but they certainly talk about it a lot!

I keep meaning to write up our weekly school report (We do fit a little study time in each day)but everyone else's posts that I read always sound so much more impressive. I feel good about what we are able to accomplish each day yet there is always that nagging feeling like I am not doing enough or I guess I should say requiring enough. That is when I remember the principle of inspire not require. I already require quite a bit academically from my children. They do need time to just read books and play without me directing it all.

I think we are doing alright!

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Bibliophile said...

I think you're doing well, actually. When I see the success you're having, I wonder what it would have been like to homeschool. You are right--each of the children has a distinct personality, and each one apparently is allowed to go wherever his/her interests like. Good!