Monday, February 7, 2011

Hit Hard with Sickness

We are under the weather today, literally! It is a beautiful, sunny, almost 70 degree weather outside but my kids and I are all stuck inside lounging around on the couch.  We caught a nasty little bug and we are all suffering with headaches and sore throats and lots of drippy noses.

When I was a kid and I got sick and stayed home from school I would spend the day on the couch and watch t.v.  I remember watching reruns of I Love Lucy and the Price is Right and things like that. My kids on the other hand have decided they just want to listen to stories. They haven't even asked about t.v. or movies. I guess they are programmed to think of screen time as only on Saturday so didn't even think that it was an option today. I was happy not to have to tell them no. They are spending the day listening to audio books. I am glad I stocked up on a bunch last week at the library. We have almost the entire Ramona series on Audio CDs and have spent our sick day listening to Ramona as she grows up and goes from 1st and 2nd grade and on to third. (We had listened to the Kindergarden year before) We are now on our third book today (they are kinda short, only 2 disks each)
What could be better than a day off of school and getting to listen to some fun stories. My kids are all laying together with blankets and pillows on the now laid out futon. They are wimpering and whining about feeling sick but are enjoying the stories.


Kodelle said...

So sorry you are sick; and on such e beautiful day. But, oh, how I love the ramona books. D you read the superfudge or Great Brain books as well?

Bibliophile said...

I hope your family is well today. The weather is so good that you want to be out in it instead of cooped up in the house.

The Henry's said...

Sorry you guys are sick. At least they are all sick together, get it all over with at once. In our house it seems like everyone takes a turn and the sickness then feels like it lingers forever!! Love those Ramona books!

Malissa said...

Hope you're feeling better. It looks like Henry won the Pretty Princess game :)