Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Can a girl have too many shoes?

With four kids and two adults in the house there seems to be a whole lot of shoes floating around. Each child has a pair of dress/church shoes, a pair of crocks, and tennis shoes. Then there are a few extra pairs of shoes that each has that leaves us with a lot of shoes to sift through to find the right ones when it is time to head out the door.

I try really hard to not spend more than 10-12$ on a pair of shoes but I also hate to buy cheep ones so I hit ebay when my kids suddenly jump to a new size. I am always amazed that I can find brand new of almost brand new shoes there for 10$ or less. I have just moved both Ian and Sophie up a size and a half so each needed 3 new pairs of shoes. And Ebay was where I shopped and found some great shoes. Luckly Henry can wear Ian's outgrown shoes for awhile. But my kids are hard on their clothes and shoes so not everything can be passed down. Plus he is feeling a bit deprived because the others get packages in the mail with stuff for them. Henry wants a package too.

I have yet to buy any shoes for Molly. No that isn't quite true. I did buy her a pair of pink soft soled shoes. Every other pair she has worn has either been given to us from friends or saved from the other kids.  Yesterday I finally went through the box of shoes I have saved from all the other kids. I couldn't believe how many pairs of shoes we have in baby size 5. These are all the shoes from the boys and Sophie and some from a friend who just recently gave me a few pairs that her little girl had outgrown.

Molly has so many choices now. Boots, sandels, athletic shoes, water shoes, slippers, mary janes. I don't think I even have this many shoes.

Molly is a bit of a shoe diva. She loves shoes and is somewhat particular about the shoes that she wears I think most of these will be making their way to Goodwill or maybe the DI truck.
I just hope she doesn't grow out of this size shoe for at least a few months. I haven't looked at what I have saved for the next size. I guess it is good to have a bunch of older siblings.

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Bibliophile said...

What a good subject for a blog! Molly does seem to have a lot of shoes, but that's a good thing, really.