Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am usually a pretty healthy person. I don't have any chronic health issues and I am not taking any medications, prescribed or over the counter, on any regular basis. I will get the occasional cold and once in awhile get a stomach bug but most of the time I am "as I should be". The last two weeks have changed things. The cold/flu that we got two weeks ago and that lasted a long time just hasn't completely gone. I have had ear pain (I actually can't even hear out of that ear) and sinus pressure in one cheek accompanied by headaches and lots of nose blowing. I have been taking all sorts of over the counter stuff over the last two weeks and nothing seems to be helping me.

So I emailed my doctor with my symptoms and she prescribed me some antibiotics. (Hurray! I didn't have to actually go in and see the doctor) I went to pick them up today and took the first pill. Within hours my cold symptoms have changed into stomach virus type symptoms. Not actually changed because I still can't hear and my head still aches. I just have added on the lovely trips to the bathroom to relieve my bowl or my belly of anything and everything that is inside. (Sorry about the "overshare") I called the ask a nurse to see if I should continue with the antibiotic. The papers the pharmacy gave me say that v. and d. are side effects. The nurse says it is just a coinsidence, that the drug wouldn't have cause this kind of reaction so quickly. What luck! I seem to have two sicknesses at the same time!?

I really hope I return to my normal state of affairs soon. I am sure my husband and kids would like to have the non-cranky and more available me back. This version of me isn't as fun..... for anyone!


Kodelle said...

Oh, so sorry. There is nothing worse than Mom being under the weather.

Malissa said...

Hope you're feeling better! We're in the middle of intestinal distresses too! No fun.

Cellista said...

That's awful when the medicine makes it worse. I know this was a while back, I hope you're feeling better now!

We've been passing something around here too.