Monday, January 17, 2011

Waiting for the __________ Fairy.

It was during our Thanksgiving visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house that Henry smashed his finger. He was playing out in the garden with one of Grandpa's hammers. I don't know exactly what he was doing out there with a hammer. He says he was just pounding bricks and rocks with it. Well evidently he missed the rock and smashed his finger. It looked like the skin had split open and it was bleeding profusely. He didn't like us touching it too much but I could tell he was going to loose the nail. It was purple under that nail. My Dad wanted to remove it right then and there but Henry wouldn't even think of that and I wasn't excited about doing that either. So we decided to just wait and see what happened.

I forgot about it while all the bustle and business of the Christmas season came and went. Then one day the kids came home for the YMCA with blue stained hands from playing with playdough. After washing, soaking and digging those hands and nails, I noticed that Henry had one nail that wouldn't come clean. Evidently the nail had totally separated from the skin and was hanging on only along the sides but there was just enough space for blue playdough to creep in. Henry has had about 2 weeks of walking around with a blue nail. We tried all sorts of things to try to clean it out. Sophie wanted to paint all his nails blue so nobody would notice. I thought that might bring a little too much attention to his hands so we again decided to just wait and see.

Today the nail finally decided it had had enough and was ready to come off. It took one little clip to finish the job and then Henry was fingernail free. There is a little one growing in under the old one. And it isn't blue.
Henry decided he needed to keep the nail and put it under his pillow. He hasn't lost any teeth yet so has felt very left out of the money being dispensed by the tooth fairy. So he decided that a Fingernail Fairy would come and take the fingernail away and leave him a little something. I guess if a fairy wants teeth, another one must want old fingernails. This one is even slightly bluish in color. Maybe that makes it worth even more.

I guess we will see in the morning if there really is a fingernail fairy and what the going rate for fingernails is right now.


Karen said...

hehehe! A fingernail fairy! I like the idea of that.

Bibliophile said...

I had the same thing happen when I was expecting Karen. My finger was caught in the car door and the pain was excruciating. Dad bored a hole in my fingernail to get the blood out and I could finally sleep. It took 3-4 months for the old fingernail to drop off. The new nail took a long time to grow in, too. Poor Henry!