Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seniora Castafiore

That very first day, while still in the hospital, I knew that Molly was a singer, a soprano. She was reaching the high notes quite easily. I remember telling my kids that we were bringing home Seniora Castafiore. If anyone has read the Tin Tin comic books Graphic Novels, they know of whom I am talking. My kids knew exactly who that was and laughed. But the singing came home and it has stayed.  Seniora Castafiore lives on in my little girl.

I have never had mild children that just sit in their strollers and look at the world around them. Mine have all let me know, right off, that that was not going to happen. They all have climbed out of grocery carts, run wild through the library, climbed to the top of every slide and shoot down before they could even walk. They are all experts at pitching a fit if they don't get to do whatever it is that strikes their fancy. I don't know if it just because I am getting older and more tired. Or if it is because I have three other kids that I am also having to deal with but Molly seems to top them all. Her fits are even harder for me to deal with. A lot of it has to do with the high pitched screech she uses whenever I try to steer her away from whatever she has decided she must do.

Today a lady at the library stared at me like I was crazy  or worse because I was strapping my screaming 18 month old in her stroller. Molly was doing her best impersonation of Sra. Castafiore yet. The staring lady came up to me and asked if she (Molly) needed anything. I told her, while trying to catch my breath, "No nothing, she just needs to be locked in her stroller so she wont play in the water fountain or head down the stairs anymore."  The lady didn't know how to respond to this I guess because she just quickly went back to browsing for picture books for the child that must have still been off at school. She was there childless during school hours, so I guess couldn't relate to my situation. Molly, thank goodness, quieted down a bit and we packed up our books and checked out as quickly as we could. We tend to be ruled by how long Molly will allow us to stay at any one place. Which in reality is more... How long Mom can stay sane while playing, chasing and keeping Molly out of trouble.

I admit I loose my cool now and again. My patience for this type of thing varies from day to day. And some days it is all I can do to just make it to the car and go home.  I am embarrassed to say on Monday I left the doctors office in tears because both Molly and I had been waiting for so long we were both shaking. Once the tears started I left and she never did get the shots she was supposed to get that day. I am usually a patient person who is understanding when it comes to waiting my turn. But waiting for an hour and a half for shots with a 18 month old who is tired and ready for a nap is a little too much for any Mom to take.

On this day it was stairs and water fountains that she wanted to play in too. But we had to stay in the waiting room to hear our name when it was called and Molly would have nothing to do with the waiting room after about 15 min or waiting. I didn't blame her.  Gross, germ infested toys that are already overrun with kids playing with them isn't my cup of tea either.

And now we are sick. I have a sore throat and my ear is popping which tells me I am getting a cold. Molly's nose is running and Ian has been wiping a bit of stuff on his sleeve today. Gotta love the Well Check appointments at the doctor that make my healthy kids, and me sick.

Maybe that is my problem today. It is the cold talking and not just my lack of patience. All I know is that each time Castafiore starts singing I just want to head to my room and shut the door. It doesn't help really. I can still hear her but at least there is a door between us.


Kodelle said...

I'm right there in the trenches with you, screaming children strapped in the grocery cart and all. My little one likes to pull books off the shelf at the library; whole rows at a time and she's just started screaming "Mine. Mine. Mine." for anything someone else has. Oh, and anything she can reach in the grocery cart gets thrown out while I try not to yell at my doddling three year old for the umpteenth time to please not touch anything and stay with me. Yep, some days I'm that crazy lady in tears.

Bibliophile said...

I can certainly understand your frustration! Children can be a real trial at times. I love the photo of Molly quietly reading a book.

Cellista said...

I had a day at the doctor's like you did, when A was a baby. I honestly thought they forgot all about me. It was awful.

I'm sorry about your cold. I had one a few weeks ago and it does affect your outlook on everything else. I hope you get feeling better soon. :)