Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The gifts just keep coming

It has been another busy week.  Life seems to be crammed full for the months of November and December and even into January.   End of the year things, Christmas excitement and activities and and finally Ian's birthday have just kept my kids bouncing with excitement, and me slightly stressed and feeling like I am running a bit ragged for months. But I think with everything behind us, now we can settle down a little. I hope the energy and excitement levels will calm a bit and we can coast for a little while.
One thing left that I do need to do is go through the toys yet again and decide what stays and what goes. My kids seem to have gotten a lot of new things the last few weeks and the house is a bit too cluttered for my taste. They of course think everything needs to stay and that all of it is equally important.

I did talk them into returning a Wii game that we received for Christmas. It was a little young for them so they relented and let me exchanged it. Thanks goodness Grandma is good about keeping receipts. We found the perfect thing......

a Pogo Stick. Ian is the perfect weight for this new contraption. He has gotten very good at it in a short time. Sophie won't even try it. She thinks it is a little too scary.
Henry tries to do it but I think that since he is just barely over the weight requirement he isn't able to get it to bounce nearly as much as Ian can. Henry will grow into it a bit I guess. But it doesn't stop him from trying. We took the pogo stick to the park last week and it was a hit with all the kids. We had a line waiting for their turn to try it out. Luckily my boys were willing to share.

Ian's birthday added a few more items to our closets. He had a rather low key birthday this year. Last year he had his Indiana Jones Birthday party but my kids know we don't do friend birthday parties every year.  So Ian really wanted to have his birthday at Grandma's house with the cousins.  He usually doesn't get to have this set up since we usually had just been there for Christmas and New Years. But this Christmas as spent at home with the other Grandparents, and Ian could have his birthday party with the cousins.
He of course had to have a pinata. My kids can't get pinatas out of their heads. Birthday's mean pinatas. Luckily I stocked up on some of that after Christmas candy and little toys to fill the horse pinata that Ian picked out. He originally wanted a Harry Potter something but we couldn't find anything at the party store. We settled on the horse and Ian said "Indiana Jones rides a horse so it is Indie's horse".
Each of the kids Molly included got a chance to take a wack at Indie's horse and finally the 13 year old cousin finished it off and everyone got to enjoy their loot.

So, Ian got the birthday he wanted. He got to spend it with his cousins and even got a few new things also.
I am glad he enjoys the new Snap Circuits set we got him.

Now I just need to figure out where to put all these new things. I guess out with the old and in with the new.

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