Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Perfect Saturday

My kids always look forward to Saturday. Usually it is because they finally get to play computer games. Today, however, the game playing was over and done with early, so they still had most of the day left in which to play. We didn't have any shopping or errands to run. The day was beautiful so we decided to go for a bike ride. The whole family went, including Molly, who rode in the bike trailer. So this wasn't just a trip to the cul-de-sac to ride around. We decided we would ride our bikes over to the park. This ride would take us through our neighborhood, over a big busy road via the overpass, and then along a paved path through the park before we would reach the playground.
It is a good long ride for little Henry who has only been on two wheels for a little over a month. He kept up pretty well and there wasn't any complaints about the length of the ride. Ok... that isn't totally true. Molly did a little bit of crying along the way. She didn't enjoy the bumps too much. This was the first time I have tried to ride with her in the trailer. I know Ian and Henry hated riding in it and we ended up not using it much when they were little. I hope Molly continues to be alright with her accommodations because I am sure there will be many more rides in the future. 

When we got home from our ride we were all hot and sweaty so we either all needed to bathe or else all go for a swim. We opted for the swim. My kids couldn't be happier to head back out to the car to run over to the YMCA for a little time in the pool. The boys are currently taking swim lessons twice a week and they need lots of practice. So the last few Saturdays we have taken some time to play in the water with them. 
Today, they showed us some the things they are learning and they seem to be doing well. Sophie is a good swimmer and I didn't sign her up for lessons this time around. But she informed me that she wants to do more lessons. I think she just doesn't like sitting around watching the boys swim, while she sits and reads a book or listens to her mp3 player. She never likes to be left out of anything.

While on the drive home from the pool we decided to finally have toad in the hole for dinner. Any time I ask the kids what they would like to eat, Ian answers "Toad in the hole". Quick and easy was what we needed so it was the perfect thing to eat tonight accompanied by a green smoothie (gotta get a little spinach in them!)

My kids are headed to bed happy that they had such a fun day.  Only Molly had any complaints. 
She missed a nap and only got a little doze here and there where she could so she was rather cranky tonight and went to bed early. I may "be in for it" throughout the night.

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Bibliophile said...

It sounds like you had a good day. Toad in the Hole for dinner sounds pretty good. It's certainly easier than fixing an entire dinner meal.