Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain, and more Rain

That about sums up our week! We have had non stop rain. Not just rain, but thunder and lightning storms, strong winds, and more rain. Friday afternoon we finally had a break so the kids rushed out to enjoy the small respite before the next storm rolled in.
Henry of course had to climb a tree.
The others rode around on their bikes for a bit.

You would think with so much inside time we would do a bunch of school work but I can't say we did any more than usual.
In fact I would say we had a few more tantrums because someone didn't want to do her copy work and a lot more stir craziness. But let me see what we actually did accomplish.

Sophie finished her Math book. She is excited to be able to start the Singapore Math 4a book on Monday. I am so glad math isn't a struggle anymore. Sophie used to fight her daily math exercises. She is pretty confident in her math abilities and we mix things up a bit so it isn't too boring. So math isn't ever really anything to worry about, just to do.

I wish copywork or any kind of writing would be as easy. Sophie really hates writing. I am going to start something different on Monday. So rather than do a lesson from our Language lessons book we are going to be working through a poetry unit. I haven't totally thought it through yet but it should be a change of pace if nothing else.

One thing Sophie made sure we did each day was Latin. For some reason she really likes our Latin lessons. She seems to be catching on pretty well. And since we don't do a lot of writing with our lessons she enjoys it. I think it is like a puzzle for her to figure out. There are always sentences to translate or other english words that use that latin root to think about. I am glad she is enjoying it.

We went to Russia again for History and that is always a favorite with my kids. They for some reason love Baba Yaga stories and of course we got out the Matroyskas or Nesting dolls which are always fun for my kids. I know we all learned a lot about Peter the Great, St. Petersburg and even got to revisit a FIAR favorite Another Celebrated Dancing Bear. My boys didn't remember this FIAR story but Sophie did. Maybe it is time to try to get FIAR back into our schedule. I don't want my boys to miss out on some of these great books.

We finished up our study of the elements this week and tried to move into the next topic but didn't really get very far. I am going to have to make Science more of a focus next week.

Sophie has also been taking a Lego Robotics class which she loves. She gets to build robots using Lego MindstormsWe got to go and see her first project this week.
Ian is so jealous and wants so badly to take the class too. But you have to be 8 to take the class so he has 2 years to wait.

Ian is doing well on his reading and math as well. He is getting more and more confident with his writing and reading. And he is reading more and more of his Math workbook.

Henry hasn't been interested in doing much of anything except his cutting practice and sitting in on most of the reading. But that is fine by me, he is only 4.

I guess I should start to include Molly in on this weekly reports. She is growing up so quickly. She is so happy to sit up and play with the other kids. But my goodness if you leave her alone for very long she has the highest pitched squeal that just sets my nerves on edge. I can't take that noise very long before I start to really go crazy.
She is getting better at eating solids and using a sippy cup. We are still working on the sleeping through the night. It is hit and miss. One night she only wakes up once and other nights I have to get up 3 times to rock her back to sleep. I know... I am not supposed to do this but I do.... I am a wimp and can't stand the crying.

Mostly my kids have spent the week indoors building things with Knex, Legos or blocks. They often have the dress up clothes out and have even taken to adding a few items to Molly's wardrobe as well.

We finished a fun audio book, Igraine the Brave. Sophie particularly loved this one and wants to listen to it again next week but I picked up other things for us to listen to over the next few days. We are expecting more rain next week too and we are going to need something new to listen to and do.

Another soggy week ahead. I hope I make it! :)


Bibliophile said...

I love that photo of Molly, so I put it into iPhoto for myself. The kids are certainly active!

the lazy reader said...

Molly is so cute and getting so big. I love that grin. I am so jealous that you have had rain storms. I love a good rainstorm and we don't get them very often.