Friday, January 1, 2010

Do I want to be Mary or Martha

This morning Sophie made the observation, much like Anne of Green Gables, that the year is new, with no mistakes in it. I said "not yet". I really wish I could say this day even went with no mistakes in it. But at least each day does start afresh and we can make changes and try to overcome our short comings.

The new year is of course the traditional time to set some goals or in my case a focus. In the past I have tried to pick a word that would represent what I wanted to work on. This year I have decided to use an image or a story to remind me of the changes I want to make. I have felt a lot like Martha recently. Cumbered down with chores, activities and just stuff. I have not been choosing that good part.
I found this image online when I googled Jesus with Mary and Martha. I really like this one and I think I am going to print it out and post it on my fridge to remind me of this story and it's lesson for me this year.
I have noticed recently that I tell my boys "I will in a minute" or "Not right now" when they bring me a book, to read to them, or a game, they want me to play. I often get frustrated because I am doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the baby and I don't get around to doing anything fun with my kids or my husband. I think I need to think about what is more important, the laundry or a story with my boys. Is it better to get the kitchen clean or teach Sophie how to make bread, do dishes or use her new watercolor pencils. There is no end to laundry and cleaning but I only have so long to play with, read to and teach my children. I need to choose the better part more often. Sure the chores still need to get done but somehow I need to find a way to do these things without sacrificing time I could be spending on better things.

I haven't thought this through completely it is just an idea that came to me today. So for the new year I am going to think about the story of Mary and Martha and try to "choose the better part" in all aspects of my life.


Wow! there are all sorts of possibilities. I have a whole year ahead of me, with no mistakes in it yet. I guess we will see what I choose to do.


Bibliophile said...

I certainly like your pictures of Jesus, Mary and Martha. Would you tell me where you got them?I could use them for the bullletin.

the lazy reader said...

I have that same experience with always being busy and forgetting the truly important things. I love the story of Mary and Martha. I think both women have something to teach use. I have a new apprecitation for their story since reading: Mary, Martha and Me by Camille Fronk Olsen.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

It's so hard to find that balance. I second the recommendation by Lazy Reader on Sister Olsen's book Mary, Martha, and Me. It was a great read into the different perspectives of Mary and Martha.