Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outdoor Hour - Winter Tree Study - Box Elder

We headed out a few days ago to enjoy a break in the storm and decided it was time to look at our tree again for our Outdoor hour. We looked at our Box Elder in the Fall and now needed to see what changes we could see now that we are in the thick of Winter. For us winter isn't snow it is rain. The past week or so has brought plenty of that!
Here is our Box Elder. It doesn't have any leaves left on it.
There are a few clumps of seeds still clinging onto it and the kids immediately went to work pulling them off and watching them twirl through the air. The wind was a little too strong, since another storm was moving in. The seeds didn't float and twirl nearly as much as they did when there was only a slight breeze.
Our attention quickly shifted to a nearby tree.
We could hear a lot of chirping coming from this tree nearby and we turned to see a tree filled with birds. Robins, mocking birds, and finches (as well as others, I am sure, this is just what I recognized) were all gathered in this one tree. We watched them flit around the tree gathering berries. We think that is what attracted them. The tree is one of the few that has leaves left on it and it has little purplish berries on it.

Sophie tried to walk up to the tree to see better but the birds quickly took flight. We watched them scatter. Then when we moved away from the tree a way and we watched as the birds all seemed to return. The birds kept us entertained for quite awhile and we lost interest in looking at our Box Elder.

I guess when we come back in a few months for a look it will be decked out in its Springtime leaves it will be more interesting.

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Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

It may not have been your tree that you observed for very long but you did observe the tree with the berries and the birds that were feasting. I think that makes your time very successful and your children will remember the experience for a long time.

I think for those of us that live where the climate is a little milder, winter just means that our trees have no leaves. :)

I just liked the excuse to go outside and my boys probably didn't get much out of the actual tree study either but like yours, they quickly found something that did interest them. Success.

Thanks so much for sharing your link,
Barb-Harmony Art Mom