Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soup is Good Food!

Last night at about 5:00 I alternated between the fridge and the pantry trying to come up with something to eat for dinner. (I really need to start menu planning!) We had spent the day at the park and I was a little cold so I wanted something warm. I kept thinking soup sounded good. We had just had chicken for dinner the night before so I didn't want to make chicken soup. And I didn't have any other meat that sounded good either, so I knew it was going to have be a vegetable soup. I started pulling stuff off the shelf and adding it to the pot. I was so surprised how well it turned out.

I dumped in a bag of frozen vegetables that had asparagus, squash, a bunch of green beans and of course carrots and peas in it. I added them to a box of Vegetable broth that I found in the pantry. I threw in some garlic cloves, a bay leaf, and some basil. One can of diced tomatoes and one of black beans. I didn't have any potatoes and we had just had noodles so I decided to throw in the rest of the rice that was left over from last nights dinner. The soup ended up tasting great! I was surprised. My experiments don't always turn out so well.

The only thing lacking was a slice of fresh bread to serve it with. Instead I just made some toast. I couldn't believe my husband had three bowls for dinner and was thrilled to take some to work today for lunch. My kids on the other hand are not that fond of soup, despite my efforts to make them soup lovers. I have been making soup for dinner at least once or twice a week all Fall. I love soup and it is actually a lot easier than I thought.

My kids did eat at least some of the soup in their bowls. They still complained at the soup but, with fresh pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for dessert, they forced it down. It is always good to make sure there is an incentive when serving something I know my kids aren't going to appreciate as much as I do.

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Bibliophile said...

I love soup, too. We had butternut squash bisque last night, with leftovers as part of dinner tonight. I wish I had made more soup when the children were young.