Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Christmas was a Success!"

Late on Christmas Day Sophie told me and my Mom that she thought Christmas had been a success. I took that as a sign that she felt like it lived up to her expectations. This coming from a girl who was put to be at 8:30 Christmas Eve and didn't actually fall asleep until at least 11:30. She kept her cousins and brothers awake most of that time and drove us crazy with all the times she had to come tell us that so and so was being too loud or that "the boys are going crazy". I guess that is what we get when we put all the kids (my three and my sister's two) in one small room and expect them to fall asleep.

Christmas morning finally came and the kids seemed to rush through stockings and presents quickly and then then settled in to explore the gifts and play with all the different toys they were given. The books of course were tossed to the side to be looked at later.
Sophie's stocking was full of CD's and a few American girl books. And a few chocolates too.
Henry had been telling every Santa we came across that he wanted a lightsabor. He has been looking at them Target for weeks and weeks. I kept trying to tell him that Santa doesn't bring anything that the Mom's or Dad's don't think are appropriate. But he persisted. Luckily Santa came through and Ian and Henry got lightsabors in their stockings. They were blow up lightsabors instead of the hard plastic ones.

The boys sure had a great time with them. One of them didn't make it through the day. The other ended up being left with Aunt Julie when we left Grandma's house. I think Santa knew best what to bring for my boys!

Sophie got another mini American Girl doll. She would have loved to get another full size one but it wasn't in anyone's budget this year. She was happy with Kirsten, which is good. Kirsten can play with the mini Kaya that she got last year for Christmas.

Ian's big gift this year was a case full of Star Wars action figures. They are an old used set I found on Ebay. Most of the figures are from 1977 and a little worn but Ian was thrilled. All his favorites were in there and many, many more. He was so happy. I love to see my kids get so excited about something I worked hard to find or make for them.

Molly's gift to Mom was a good night's sleep, and then slept in until 9:00 Christmas morning. She missed all the excitement but got lots of attention from mom because the others were so busy playing with their new things.

Grandma worked hard feeding, cleaning up after and hosting us during the past week. We wore her out! But she always says it it worth it to have us all there.

I am certainly glad that Sophie felt it was a success. I sure felt like it was too! We have a great family and that is what makes it so fun. We went shooting, played Settlers of Catan, took the walk several times, ate bunches of really good food, and did a lot of sitting around and just talking. It was very nice.

P.s. Aunt S. and Uncle N. the kids love their new bath towel animals. They couldn't wait to use them after their very next bath. Thanks for thinking of such a fun gift!

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