Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Christmas Tradition

Over the years we seem to have added traditions onto our Christmas season. Our kids don't seem to let us skip them one year or replace them with something else. So even though this event is exactly the same each year we go to Bethlehem and the kids look forward to it and tell everyone we know about it so they too can go.

I also think it is a tradition for it to rain the weekend that this event is put on. The last few years we have been well bundled and attended even though it was pouring rain.

We started in the city where the Romans patrol the streets. The mostly clear the path for Joseph to lead the donkey carrying Mary to the well for a drink and then to the census taker and finally to look for lodging.

They are told to go to the stable where the baby is then born (behind closed doors).
Across town we see and here the angel appear to the shepherds who the come running through the streets and crowd to the stable.

The scene isn't complete until the wise men come, with great pomp and riding on camels, to see and worship the baby Jesus.

After watching most of the show we wander back through the streets of Bethlehem and visit all the different stalls. There is the Perfumery where we were able to see and smell frankincense and myrrh. Henry particularly loved the carpenter workshop where you could try out some of the tools.

They had booths with pottery, basket weaving, wool spinning, cloth dying, and even food stalls where the kids got to see some of the foods and grains that they might have eaten in Bethlehem at that time.

After leaving the busy streets we went to see the angel appear to the shepherd outside the city walls and then to the wise men's camp to see the fire dancing and listen to the wise men discuss the new star that had appeared. The show is continually going on. Every half hour or so the different parts of the show repeat so if you miss one part then you can catch it later.

I am always glad the kids won't let this tradition go. Every year I am glad we attended even though it is raining and we are muddy going home.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

How fun! I wish there was something like that here.

the lazy reader said...

How magical this must be. I would love to see somthing like that.