Friday, July 17, 2009

My library bag is light?!

Thursday is always our Library day. We used to go on Thursday because that is the day they do story time. My kids used to sit through story time. I loved it. They would sit and be read to or sing songs or even do a craft while I walked through the shelves and found the books I needed. Now my kids are too busy finding books to go to story time. They have found the joy of finding a book and sitting on the floor of the library and reading it right there on the spot. Sophie has even started taking a bag of her own to fill with her own books of her choice. She loves having her own library card.

Before heading to the library this week, I filled my large canvas bag until it was full and very heavy. This is the usual. We almost always have 50+ books checked out and often during some school weeks it has been up to 80+. I then loaded a number of DVDs and CD's and Audio books into Sophie's library bag too. So we returned a lot of stuff yesterday. But what amazed me was that I didn't leave with two full bags of books. I walked out of the library yesterday with my bag only half full. My arm wasn't about to fall off under the weight of the heavy book bag. Most of what I didn't check out was audio books and they are rather light. Sophie got distracted by a book and didn't end up filling her bag either. I think she ended up with only 3 books to check out and take home.

There of course isn't a lack of books in our house. Infact I often feel bad that we check out so many books since we have many great ones already on our shelves at home that don't get read very often. I think I need to make a point of reading more of these old favorites rather than trying to find new books.

My children and I have always been partial to audio books but lately we have become audio book junkies. I haven't been reading as many books to them recently, and since school has been put on pause for a bit we just fill in our hours with audio books while we play with legos, playmobil pirates or other craft projects. We have gone through about 3 audio books a week, which is pretty good because we often relisten to many of the chapters as we go along. I have been rechecking out some of the audio books we have already listened to and loved, like Trumpet of the Swan and adding in some new ones that either just sounded interesting while scouring the audio book shelf, or have been recommended for one source or another.

This week I picked up the sequel to The Penderwicks, which we listened to earlier this summer, called The Penderwicks on Gardam Street. I have also heard good things about a book series that starts with The Doll People. So when I saw it there on the shelf I decided to take it home.

I also picked up a few of the Jim Weiss audio books. My kids love these stories. I think we have just about listened to all of the Jim Weiss Audio stories that our library has. I hope they get some of the others. We always enjoy these.

So even though my library bag hasn't been bursting at the seams the last few weeks, we are still getting in a lot of story time.

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Malissa said...

Audio books are great! I love having them in the car to listen to while we're driving around town. We'll have to check out some of your family's favorites. We really love the "Little House" books on CD. Oh, and Dr. Dolittle.