Thursday, May 14, 2009


With each of my pregnancies, I have never really noticed a specific craving. Never have wanted Ice Cream with pickles or anything strange like that. Most of the time I just want something to give me some energy or a pick me up when I am tired. This is usually where sweets come in. I need to really lay off the treats for awhile. I have put on enough weight already and don't need more to feel guilty about not loosing after this baby comes. There have been times cheese or protein of some kind just sounded good and often kept me from feeling sick, but nothing specific that I just had to have.

When I was about 2 months pregnant, this go around, I was walking through the grocery store and saw a box of Tropicana orange juice and just felt like I needed it. I could almost taste it while standing there in the store looking at it. I haven't bought juice in a very long time. I don't buy it or serve it because I would rather my kids drink water and get their fruit and such from the actual fruit. So I walked past the box of juice and went on with my shopping but kept thinking about how good it would taste. I ended up buying a can of Orange Juice concentrate, the country style kind with all the pulp (I like my o.j. with all the chunky bits!). I went home and immediately made the juice and drank about two tumblers full. The kids of course wanted some and I saved a little for my husband for when he came home from work. That about wiped out my pitcher of O.J.

This same thing happened the next time I went to the store. I bought two cans this time, so I would have a spare for when I wanted it again. I have tried actual oranges to satisfy this desire for the juice, and they are yummy but for some reason they just don't hit the craving like a nice cold glass of orange juice. Now, I don't have orange juice every day. I don't even crave it everyday. I only buy one or two cans each week and they don't last long once they are made. So I haven't become an Orange Juice junky yet. And the craving hasn't jumped to any other juices. In fact they, the other juices, sort of make me feel sick, they are too sweet or something.

Today I made a pitcher of juice after breakfast while the kids were busy doing something else, so my nice full pitcher stayed full and I just took my small glass and put the rest in the fridge looking forward to taking little sips throughout the day. At some point in the day Sophie realized the orange juice was there and decided she needed some. She got herself a cup and tried to pour herself a cup. The next thing I hear is a big splash and an "Oh no!". I looked up and tried not to get upset. I held my disappointment in as long as I could and just told her to get some towels to clean it up. This is the point where she announces that she really needs to use the bathroom and starts doing "the dance". I tell her to go potty and then come back to clean up the mess. She runs to the bathroom and I just look at all my orange juice, almost the entire pitcher of MY orange juice all over the table and floor. Sophie comes back and begins her half hearted clean up of the big mess. She is mainly just swishing it around and not actually cleaning it up. This is where my anger surfaced and I told her to just leave it and I would clean it up. She whimpered on the couch, and kept telling me it was just an accident and that the pitcher was too full and that she suddenly needed to use the bathroom at that very precise moment and that is why she dropped the orange juice, MY Orange Juice.

I let her have the cup of juice that did make it into the cup she was trying to fill. I had thought to drink it myself. Boy did it look good and there wasn't any more left. But I let her have it and tried not to think about it. But now after walking on my sticky floor the rest of the day and then mopping the floor with the hardwood floor cleaner tonight once dinner was finished. I now really want some orange juice. Just looking for a picture of OJ on google to put with this post makes me salivate.

I guess there are worse things to crave. I just need to keep a better supply around the house maybe. No! because then I really will drink it all the time and become an O.J. junkie. I could just blame it on the baby. She is really the junkie, I am just the facilitator.


Michelle said...

What a funny post! I love that you are craving o.j. I craved chocolate. Poor Sophie dropping the whole pitcher. I try so hard not to be mad when my kids spill juice. Like you said, you have to mop over and over. But I have to admit, after reading your blog, I now feel like some o.j. Happy drinking :)

Bibliophile said...

I LOVE orange juice, but I can't have it any more. I have to eat the real orange because of all the sugar in the juice by itself. I know how you feel when something you love is broken or written on or in some way diminished by someone else (well, even by me accidentally). I used to watch my dad write all over the phone book, doodling while talking on the phone. I decided then and there that I would not write on phone books! Enjoy your orange juice without guilt. It is SO GOOD!

Angela said...

I love OJ and drink it constantly- what a great thing to crave! I think I will have a glass right now!