Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I finally gave Sophie a hair cut.

While getting ready for church on Sunday, Sophie and I had our daily fight about combing through her hair. Every day she screams and throws a fit about having to have her hair brushed. I had had enough fights and had told her over and over again that if she won't let me brush out all the snarls and do something with it I would have to cut it off. She never would let me get out hair cutting supplies and actually do it. But Sunday was the last straw. Her long untidy hair had been dragged through the syrup at breakfast and was beyond difficult to comb through. I told her "tomorrow morning, you are going to have your hair chopped off, you can't have long hair unless you take care of it".

So Monday morning came and after breakfast I sat her down and proceeded to chop. Sophie didn't fight it at all. I was surprised because she has always fervently fought to keep her long hair. She actually sat still and only requested that I not use the clippers, like I do on the boys. It was sort of nice to hold 5 or so inches of her hair in my hand after that first cut. And it even felt better when I was finished with her whole head. She enjoyed standing in front of the mirror and watching it come off. The finished product looks SOOOOO much better and I am happy that it isn't long enough anymore for her to put into her mouth or to drag through her food.

When we were finished and she looked at herself in the mirror she said "I look like Kit". We just started reading the American Girl Kit series as our bedtime read aloud. I just think she actually looks like someone takes care of her. No more ragamuffins at our house.

The boys got their summer haircuts last week. Ian's is a bit choppy. He has very difficult hair to cut in the first place and then he can't sit still. It is really hard to cut hair on a moving target and get it at all even. But his buzz cut should last him through the summer.

Henry's hair turned out very nice. He sat still so much better than Ian did.

We are now all set for summer weather. Over the past week we have all had our hair cut. Mine is a bit too short, but it always is when I finally get around to cutting it. I always go too short and then make do for two weeks before it grows to where I like it. Then I let it grow too long until I can't stand it anymore and chop it short again.

In any case we all have our short summer hair and just in time for the heat to come. This weekend sure showed us what to expect. Thank goodness for air conditioning. And thank goodness it has returned to more Spring like weather for a bit.


Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Ahh..the never ending hair fight for girls. We have that quite often at our house. She looks so cute with her new hair-cut!

Angela said...

She is an adorable Kit- Love the cut!